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Key benefits

solUI interfaces are deterministically generated from a declarative specification. Furthermore, the underlying parsing and rendering engine is platform agnostic.

Here are the key benefits that are realized as a result of this:

  • Dapp look and feel is consistent across platforms and contracts
    • All Dapps can have a consistent look-and-feel.
    • No front-end programming skills required since spec is more akin to a template.
    • The spec can be checked into version control and thus evolve alongside the contract code.
  • Specification sits at a higher level than an ABI, abstracting away ugly details
    • User-friendly labels, text and images makes things intuitive for the user.
    • A single execution can involve calls to multiple methods across multiple contracts.
    • Output from earlier method calls can be automatically be re-used as inputs to later calls.
  • Platform-agnostic rendering, validation and testing
    • Platform-agnostic (can render to web, mobile, desktop, ...).
    • Headless execution is also supported, making Dapp testing a breeze.
    • Validate user input (e.g. contract addresses) with on-chain data checking.
  • Online repository for easy publishing and hosting
    • Publishing system to enable developers to share their Dapps with a wider audience.
    • Users can search for and immediately use Dapps within their Dapp browsers.
    • Client API to allow other tools in the wider ecosystem to fetch Dapp specs and render them locally.