Write .sol, not .js - no frontend coding needed.
  • Just write your contracts and declare your Dapp as JSON.
  • Evolve your Dapp specification alongside your code in version control.
  • Automate UI testing with headless mode.
Higher-level than your ABI
  • Call multiple functions across disparate contracts in a single execution.
  • Advanced input validation rules with on-chain address checking.
  • Add helpful images, descriptions and labelling for ease-of-use.
Fully decentralized hosting
  • Publish to IPFS directly from the command-line.
  • Your Dapp is automatically embeddable in other webpages.
  • View the source specification for any published Dapp.

...and more...

Advanced input types
Validate input number ranges, string lengths, and check addresses on-chain.
Platform agnostic
The core processor package can be used to parse and render for any platform.
Customize how you see fit, use only what you need from the modular package set.
Chained execution
Re-use return values from previous calls as future inputs.
Custom styling
Custom your Dapp’s look and feel on a per-instance basis.
Integrate into your own product by accessing the API directly.


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