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Generate Dapps for smart contracts

  • Write .sol, not .js - no frontend coding needed.

    Just write your contracts and declare your Dapp as JSON.

    Evolve your Dapp specification alongside your code in version control.

    Automate UI testing with headless mode.

  • Higher-level than your ABI

    Call multiple functions across disparate contracts in a single execution.

    Advanced input validation rules with on-chain address checking.

    Add helpful images, descriptions and labelling for ease-of-use.

  • Fully decentralized hosting

    Publish to IPFS directly from the command-line.

    Your Dapp is automatically embeddable in other webpages.

    View the source specification for any published Dapp.

...and more...

  • Advanced input types

    Validate input number ranges, string lengths, and check addresses on-chain.

  • Platform agnostic

    The core processor package can be used to parse and render for any platform.

  • Modular

    Customize how you see fit, use only what you need from the modular package set.

  • Chained execution

    Re-use return values from previous calls as future inputs.

  • Custom styling

    Custom your Dapp's look and feel on a per-instance basis.

  • GraphQL API

    Integrate into your own product by accessing the API directly.