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Mobile Native

Building a native mobile Dapp using a Javascript-based framework (e.g. React Native) is entirely possible thanks to solUI's separation of rendering from processing.

The process() function exported by the @solui/processor package provides all the necessary builder hooks for using whatever renderer you wish.

Here is an example of how this might look:

import { assertSpecValid, process } from '@solui/processor'
import { getNetworkInfoFromUrl } from '@solui/utils'

const spec = // ... JSON
const artifacts = // ... JSON
const network = await getNetworkInfoFromUrl('http://localhost:8545')

// ensure the spec is valid
await assertSpecValid({ artifacts, spec, network })

const interfaceBuilder = {
  startUi: id, attrs) => {
    // start building Dapp UI

  endUi: () => {
    // finish building Dapp UI

  startPanel: async (id, attrs) => {
    // start building a panel

  endPanel: async () => {
    // finish building current panel

  processInput: async (...args) => {
    // build an input field

await process({ artifacts, spec, network }, interfaceBuilder)

The interfaceBuilder above contains the hooks which get called at various points during the spec processing flow. These hooks should internally call the necessary UI rendering commands for the current platform.

To see an example of this in use check out the Interface component in the solUI react package.