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Sharing and embedding

Published Dapps can be embedded in any webpage as using an iframe HTML tag. For example, if the content hash of your published Dapp is QmV8HMoH7FGgNdd6oysVfxNyVU6fgtKXQLffgWTohfmLyY then embed it in an existing page using:

<iframe src="" width="800" height="600" />

Note that the width and height parameters can be set however you see fit. The solUI renderer will auto-fit the content as best as it can. All other normal iframe HTML attributes can also be customized you wish.

When viewing an embedded solUI interface you can grab it embedding URL via share and embed button:

Share and embed

The View source link will allow you to view the full JSON for both the spec and the contract artifacts.

Short URLs

When publishing to the solUI cloud the CLI will also output a "shorter" friendlier URL that redirects to the IFPS one, e.g:

If you view your Dapp via this shorter URL then the sharing/embedding interface will also show this:

Short URL

Customize styling

The default colour scheme for the Dapp components can be customized on a per-embedded-instance basis. For example, to replace the default gradient background with a plain black colour, append &layoutBgColor=black to the view URL:

When using the shorter embed URL you need to specify them as query arguments:

Until a more robust styling mechanism is implemented you can currently use this mechanism to override any of the colours in the default theme.