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Getting started


We recommend the following versions of Node and NPM:

  • Node.js 12.13.0 or above
  • NPM 6.12.0 or above

To start using solUI first install the command-line interface, which is a Node.js package. We recommend that you install it globally:

npm install -g @solui/cli

Setup local network

You can use solUI on the Ethereum mainnet or any of the test networks, but for now we'll use a local test net for development purposes. We recommend using ganache for this. Run:

npx ganache-cli

This will output some intialization information followed by a randomly generated mnemonic, e.g:

Ganache mnemonic

Note down the mnemonic pass phrase. You will need to enter this into Metamask (see below).

Setup your Dapp browser

Ensure you have Metamask installed for your browser. Login to it using the mnemonic pass phrase you wrote down earlier:

Metamask login

You should now see your default account with 100ETH showing in it.

Metamask balance

Run the demo

Clone the demo repository and set it up:

git clone
cd demo
npm install

Compile and deploy the demo contracts to build the contract JSON artifacts:

npm run compile
npm run migrate

Now view the ERC-20 Dapp:

solui view --spec contracts/erc20/ui.json --artifacts build/contracts

Open up the browser to http://localhost:3001 and you will now be able to view and use the ERC20 token Dapp:

Demo Dapp

Make some changes

Whenever you change the Dapp spec or rebuild the contract artifacts, solUI will auto-reload the Dapp in your browser.

Try this out by editing contracts/erc20/ui.json. Edit the root title property:

  "title": "This title has been updated!",

Switch to the browser window and notice that the Dapp title has automatically been updated without a page reload! Changes to the contract build artifacts also get picked up automatically, so you can compile new versions of your contracts and the Dapp will auto-reload them in.

If you any mistakes in your spec then solUI will display a friendly error pointing out the specific issue.

Check out the full specification documentation to learn about what else you can diisplay in your new Dapp.


Once your Dapp is ready you can publish it to the solUI cloud so that everyone can use it!

First, login:

solui login

One logged in, do:

solui publish --spec contracts/erc20/ui.json --artifacts build/contracts

The console should output a URL where you can view your IPFS-hosted Dapp. Read the publishing docs for more information.